Featured Pete Pal: San Diego for Pete

We wanted to feature some of the amazing grassroots supporters behind your favorite Pete for America accounts across social media. These folks have put forward time and effort into sharing the campaign’s message in a way that connects their local communities to the online community and I would love for you to meet them!



San Diego for Pete

Andi is wearing the Pete 2020 shirt in the picture above, where a group of Pete supporters met up for a beach clean up!

My name is Andi, and I represent San Diego for Pete, as the Facebook group admin and also a co-admin of the @SDforPresPete Twitter account.  I’m a 40-something GenX-er who was first drawn to Pete because of our somewhat similar backgrounds and outlook on life. I am the daughter of a college professor and a medical professional, born and raised liberal in the Midwest (southwestern Ohio, to be exact). I graduated from the US Air Force Academy and spent 6 years as an officer in the Air Force, often the only liberal in a sea of conservative colleagues. The military brought me and my husband to California, and after getting out of the Air Force, we settled down in San Diego. I spend a lot of my time translating Midwestern values to Californian, and vice versa! I am currently a part-time poker dealer, something I picked up after spending several years unemployed while working on my mental health. We have two dogs and no kids, and we both love to ski and travel.

What inspired you to start a Pete specific account?

After the Pod Save America episode with Pete, I noticed there was no San Diego Facebook page, so I started it, mainly as a place to funnel all the Pete content that was overwhelming my personal feed.

What was the first campaign you ever donated to?

I’m giving away my age, but it was Al Gore in 2000. My first vote was for Clinton in 1996, but I was a poor college student so no donations.

Do you have a first “political memory”? A couple people mentioned remembering having to vote at school as kids- they said they picked by picture or name familiarity.

My parents were always political, and I remember arguing with some kids in third grade  about voting for Mondale over Reagan in 1984

Let’s get controversial, is a hot dog a sandwich?

I honestly have no opinion on that.  However, pineapple does NOT belong anywhere near a pizza

Do you have a favorite Pete meme?

Eh, I prefer substance

What’s your favorite Pete interview or quote? Why is it your favorite?

Pod Save America and The Breakfast Club. I love the Victory Fund and HRC speeches.

Do you have your own stump speech? If someone sees your Pete swag IRL, what’s your go-to line to introduce them to Pete?

Not really.  I’m usually struck dumb or just get over social anxiety enough to utter a “yay” or “go Pete” before I walk away tongue-tied.

What’s the best way for people in your local area to help?

I think right now it’s just talking about Pete and possibly helping people register to vote.

Have you volunteered for a political campaign before? What would you say to first time volunteers or people just starting to get involved?

Yes.  I canvassed for our Dem congressional candidate in 2018.  It was very terrifying because of my social anxiety, but going with a partner helped, and when I realized that most people were receptive, or at least not mean, it became much easier.

Is there a specific policy of Pete’s that close to your heart? Why?

Not a policy, but his idea about reclaiming the language of freedom is close to my heart, and one I’ve been thinking about for 20+ years. I even wrote a couple college papers about why liberals belong in the military and how defending the constitution was a liberal value.

Have you had the chance to go to a Pete event? Can you tell us about that experience?

Yes!  I was able to volunteer at Pete’s recent LA event, and it was incredible. The atmosphere was electric, and getting to meet Pete and Chasten was outstanding!

What do you do when social media gets to be too much? How do you handle the trolls?

If someone is arguing in bad faith, i will correct any blatant misinformation, then move on.  If they are genuinely open to learning, I’ll continue to engage. Honestly, I don’t bank on changing that person’s mind, but you never know how many people are reading that might appreciate your argument. If it gets overwhelming, I just turn it off and play a video game for a few hours.

What does “Be Like Pete” mean to you?

I try to treat everyone with respect, even right-wingers, because you never know who is watching!


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