Buttigieg Policy: Mental Health Care and Combat Addiction

“This crisis of pain and despair is not one unique to whiteness; it is one that is distinctly American.”

Pete released a plan to take on mental health care and combat addiction. The plan focuses on deaths of despair, as well as people and communities being left behind in the discussion of mental health care.

“Our health care system is so broken—and our approach to mental health and addiction care so fragmented and often punitive—that less than one in five people with a substance use disorder and two of every five people with a mental illness receive treatment.”

Read Pete’s policy here.

The full policy with citations can be found here.

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Buttigieg Policy: Climate Challenge

“We must channel all of our energies into a national project—one that unifies every American, from big cities to rural communities, around this urgent threat and seizes the tremendous opportunity for a new era of climate action.”

Read Pete’s policy here.

The full white paper policy plan is here.

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Buttigieg Policy: The Douglass Plan

Pete Buttigieg released an 18 page plan focused on the empowerment of Black America. The plan aims to dismantle racist structures and systems in America, as well as establish new anti-racist systems that will invest in Black America.

The Douglass Plan is named after the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass. The campaign worked with Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives when creating the plan and asked for feedback and input.

The Douglass Plan can be found here.

“Black voters deserve to be addressed with serious policy proposals. This is not just politics, it’s the right thing to do.”

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Buttigieg excels at inspirational oratory

The News Tribune in Tacoma featured this amazing letter to the editor, sent in by Jim Joy. Read the full letter here.

“There is one candidate who seems to fit the mold of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan and other great orators in our past. Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks with substance, power and eloquence no matter the topic. And he can do it in several languages.

Give him a Boston accent, and he might sound like Jack Kennedy.

Jim Joy, Lakewood”

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18 Questions with Pete from the NYT

The New York Times asked Pete, and the other Democrats running, 18 questions and recorded short video answers.

They said of Pete, “Mr. Buttigieg has gained attention for his uber-progressive stances on some policies like expanding the size of the Supreme Court. He has surged on his ability to deliver detailed and sometimes personal answers to voters’ questions.”

Watch Pete’s 18 answers here.

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Featured Pete Pal: Iowa For Pete

Meet Iowa for Pete

Joseph is a teacher in central Iowa who lives with his wife, their daughter and three (!) dogs. He’s looking to organize on-the-ground action in his early primary state, so #tellapal!


I’m a teacher in central Iowa. Before teaching I worked on campaigns and for organizations doing organizing and communications. I now reside in South Central Iowa with my wife, our daughter, and our three dogs. I also run the IA4Pete twitter account!

When I first heard the 37 year old gay mayor of South Bend was running, I laughed. I thought it was ridiculous. But then I heard Pete speak and saw his exploratory committee launch video and was really impressed. He’s the first candidate in the 2020 race that has really inspired me and has since spoken to my values and what I want for our future.

What inspired you to start a Pete specific account?

I saw that there were other state accounts being made and nobody had made one for Iowa. We’re the first start to start voting in primaries so I feel it’s important to be represented. No one else was doing it so I did.

What was the first campaign you ever donated to?

I believe it was Obama in 2007.

Do you have a first “political memory”?

I do remember voting for Ross Perot in my elementary class in 1992. I thought he was smart and also sounded funny.

I’d say I also remember Bill Clinton’s final SOTU address. It was positive and uplifting, and Clinton of course was charismatic. I felt inspired and started to pay a lot of attention in US History and Government classes. Today I teach those courses.

Let’s get controversial, is a hot dog a sandwich?

There’s nothing controversial here. Facts are facts. And the fact is that a hot dog is not a sandwich.

Do you have a favorite Pete meme?

Not a specific one, but Buttigifs on twitter probably has the best stuff I’ve seen. I love being able to use Pete gifs in comments and tweets now.

What’s your favorite Pete interview or quote? Why is it your favorite?

I’d have to say my favorite interview was Fallon. Pete was very comfortable, personable, and fun. The Seinfeld story was great as well as the “literary reference” moment.

I don’t know if I can select a favorite quote, but I’ve really embraced Pete’s platform of Liberty, Security, and Democracy. These values have been hijacked by “conservatives” who believe in limiting reproductive rights, limiting access to health care and education, and deregulating our clean air and water standards.

Pete is a call for taking those values back and giving them true meaning. I appreciate that. Democrats have had a messaging problem for a decade, and what Pete is doing is trailblazing a path forward.

Do you have your own stump speech? If someone sees your Pete swag IRL, what’s your go-to line to introduce them to Pete?

My go-to is always that we need a fresh start and a new generation that is ready to lead. Pete has executive experience and sees firsthand how the federal government affects our daily lives. He’s a veteran, a mayor, a husband, a millennial, left-handed Episcopalian who speaks 8 languages.

What’s the best way for people in your local area to help?

In Iowa we need to build significant volunteer capacity to reach out to voters via phones and door knocking. So if people are even slightly interested they need to get in touch with our grassroots volunteers or the campaign itself. Bring friends and family!

Have you volunteered for a political campaign before? What would you say to first time volunteers or people just starting to get involved?

Yes. I was on Obama’s staff in 08 and then again in 2012. I’ve also worked for PACs doing outreach, organizing, and communications. I was a precinct captain in 2016 and volunteered in 2018 midterms.

My advice is to take risks. It takes guts to call a voter or knock on their door, but 90% of people are receptive and nice, even if they don’t support your candidate. You don’t know until you try, and you have to think: That one voter you talk to might be THE deciding vote in a caucus, where turnout is small and each individual’s vote matters more. That person may also become a volunteer, and recruit more supporters.

Behind every door and phone is opportunity.

Is there a specific policy of Pete’s that close to your heart? Why?

I’d say the two most pressing for me are climate change and gun violence. I have a three year old daughter and this planet needs to be here for her and for her children. She should not grow up in a world where a person can walk into her classroom, movie theater, rock concert, church, mall, college campus and murder innocent people. I’m a gun owner and support the 2nd Amendment but we have to be reasonable and common sense here.

I’m also a teacher, and student loan forgiveness for public service or higher teacher pay is also important to me.

Have you had the chance to go to a Pete event? Can you tell us about that experience?

Yes! I went to what was supposed to be a meet and greet that turned into a rally of 1600 people! It was very inspiring and Pete and Chasten stayed after the event for another 40 minutes shaking hands and taking pictures. My daughter LOVES Pete so she was very excited to meet him and take a picture.

I’ve also went to a volunteer event that was very well organized and had a great turnout. Today I’m going to a house party!

What do you do when social media gets to be too much? How do you handle the trolls?

I may not be a good fisherman but I know bait when I see it, and I don’t take it.

What does “Be Like Pete” mean to you?

It means being thoughtful, honest, and focused. Ignore trolls and keep your eyes on the prize, which is defeating Donald Trump and putting a new generation of leadership in the White House!

You can follow and join Iowa For Pete at:

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Pete raises awareness about gun violence #WearOrange

On Friday, June 7th, Pete changed his uniform and ditched his blue tie for an orange tie to support Everytown and Mom’s Demands #wearorange campaign.


Here’s why Pete wore orange, in his own words from an email the campaign sent out:

“On Saturday, January 19th, 2013, Hadiya Pendleton performed at President Obama’s second inaugural parade in D.C. Ten days later, she was shot and killed just blocks from her school in Chicago. She was 15 years old.

After her death Hadiya’s friends wore orange to honor her, and in the years since orange has become the color we wear on National Gun Violence Awareness Day to honor all victims of gun violence and show unity around the insistence that this cannot remain our reality. 

One hundred Americans die from gun violence every day. We treat it as if it’s normal, but it’s not. It can’t be. We owe it to our fellow citizens and our loved ones to keep them safe. "

We owe it to them to implement universal background checks. 

We owe it to them to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. 

We owe it to them to establish a nationwide gun licensing system.

We owe it to them to hold the gun industry accountable.

We cannot let them down yet again. Those of us in elected office owe it to you to do whatever it takes to keep you safe, even if it means losing an election. 

I’m from the school shooting generation. I’m also someone who served in a war zone. One thing I know is that the weapon I carried in Afghanistan, an M-4, is not that different from an AR-15, and neither belongs anywhere near an American school.

Most Americans support common sense gun reform, yet Washington has not been able to deliver. Today, I’m wearing orange and asking you to support Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, an organization working to make our communities safer.

Please consider donating to Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund to help create a safer future for our children. We owe it to them.

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Mayor Pete spoke with BET about his plans if elected president.

“BET contributor George Johnson had the opportunity to speak with Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg on Thursday June 6. "Mayor Pete," as he is called by the media, is the first openly gay man to officially run for President of the United States and has been on the campaign trail in Atlanta speaking with Black voters on an array of issues. Below he tells BET his plans for police accountability, addresses his queer white privilege and explains why he's not just another Democrat taking the Black Vote for granted.”

Read the interview here.

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Featured Pete Pal: Virginia for Pete

We wanted to feature some of the amazing grassroots supporters behind your favorite Pete for America accounts across social media. These folks have put forward time and effort into sharing the campaign’s message in a way that connects their local communities to the online community and I would love for you to meet them!

VA-4-Pete (1).jpg

Meet Virginia for Pete

Kyle is a 27 year-old living near Arlington, VA, and tweets out support for Pete as @VAforPete.

My name is Kyle Ruempler and I’m 27 years old, from Alexandria VA, though currently living just across the county line in Arlington. I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life, including when I went to school at UVA (#GoHoos), so it made sense when I first saw Pete in the March CNN Town Hall to create @VAforPete on Twitter and Facebook. When not tweeting about my love for Pete, I play trumpet in three different ensembles performing jazz, classical, and rock/pop covers. And during the day, my full time job is working as a transaction coordinator for Compass, a real estate brokerage that really pushes the envelope in terms of technology and workplace culture. I get to help our realtors every day dealing with clients, tricky contracts, and even some marketing like video creation and email campaigns. Trying to use those skills both in communication and social media to support Pete’s run for President! So while my studies and hobbies are not political in nature, I think that’s the beauty of Pete’s message - that someone not involved in government can get excited about a candidate and find ways to support. That’s really the key to the campaign and what I love focusing on with Twitter, getting to know each individual and what makes them want to vote for Pete. I started the “Counties for Pete” map challenge, to see if we could find at least one person on #TeamPete from each county (Virginia has 133 when you include the independent cities, so we’ve got a ways to go!). And just like many other 4Pete accounts, I want to know the issues (political and otherwise) that Virginians are facing and want answered. Just doing my part in the incredible and positive #PeteForAmerica grassroots community, and love seeing the burst of support within my state and elsewhere.

What inspired you to start a Pete specific account?

I identify with Pete both as a gay man and as a millennial, but the biggest inspiration for me was his calm demeanor. He answers every question thrown at him thoroughly and with a positive attitude.

What was the first campaign you ever donated to?

Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016 (though don’t worry, I voted for Hillary in the general!)

Do you have a first “political memory”?

A couple people mentioned remembering having to vote at school as kids- they said they picked by picture or name familiarity. I remember being assigned to dress as and do a biography as Susan B. Anthony as a kid and I almost didn’t believe that women had ever been not allowed to vote.

Funny enough we did a mock Presidential vote when I was in 3rd grade for the 2000 election. We had some very basic discussion beforehand, and I could tell that most people favored Al Gore. Because I love supporting “the underdog” and knew nothing at age 8 about political issues, I voted for Bush. Luckily I wasn’t in Florida, so you can’t blame the outcome on my one vote ;-)

Let’s get controversial, is a hot dog a sandwich?

It’s gonna be a no from me, dawg

Do you have a favorite Pete meme?

Pete holding Buddy (representing America) in bed, saying that everything will be alright.

What’s your favorite Pete interview or quote? Why is it your favorite?

You mean aside from “Pete Slow Jams the News”? But I think my favorite interview was when Pete was on Rachel Maddow’s show. There were lots of great moments in that interview, but here’s a quote that exemplifies Pete’s campaign and approach to leadership: “[Rachel] ‘How do you run a campaign like this when you’ve never done anything of this magnitude?’ [Pete] ‘It’s about surrounding yourself with experienced people and listening to feedback.’” Pete knows what he does not know, and is ready to bring in experts rather than propose policies with drastic impact on topics of which he doesn’t have a full understanding.

Do you have your own stump speech? If someone sees your Pete swag IRL, what’s your go-to line to introduce them to Pete?

You can probably tell from my answers that I’m long-winded. But the gist is that Pete belongs to a new generation, who will actually see the consequences of policies made today. So he has a real interest in making our country a better place for his family. If you look at his record, it’s clear he makes an effort to get every perspective he can, from people of all walks of life, to make sure his decisions are positive in the long-term.

What’s the best way for people in your local area to help?

I am really inspired right now because the grassroots event in Alexandria next month (June 14th) was started up by someone who hosted a watch party back in April for Pete’s announcement. They just wrote to the campaign, were persistent, got a few co-hosts to help organize and advertise, and made it happen. Not everyone needs to go this big, but I am here to be a microphone for Virginians, not to create all the content and all the events. So if people out there want to meet up with Pete supporters for a happy hour or volunteer day or watch party, just say it and we’ll come together as a community to make it happen!

Have you volunteered for a political campaign before? What would you say to first time volunteers or people just starting to get involved?

Never done this before! So I’m the one who needs some advice! But I’m diving in head first and finding that the people in the grassroots team want everyone to contribute and succeed. I’m being put in a position that utilizes my skill set to help others (followers and other PFA team members) and support Pete at the same time. Just go for it and you’ll find your niche.

Is there a specific policy of Pete’s that close to your heart? Why?

Although for me personally climate change is the most important and pressing issue for today, I see first hand with my job in real estate how crucial having a place to call home is. And even if everyone is well-intentioned, it has become far too costly for construction companies (via zoning, red tape, material costs) to create affordable housing, so it just gets pushed to the wayside. Pete’s messaging on affordable housing really resonates with me: “We must invest in affordable housing for working families, reform unnecessary land use rules that prevent affordable housing construction, and redress the history of housing discrimination against communities of color that has limited economic mobility and fueled the racial wealth gap.

Is there anything you would like us to answer, or anything you want us to ask future featured Pete accounts?

I saw Andi from @SDforPresPete said that pineapple does not belong on a pizza, so I think that should be a question for everyone to answer. I actually polled my followers and the 206 votes came out literally 50% yes, 50% no. It might be the one issue that Pete can’t resolve. (The official Pete Pals position: pizza & pineapple belong together- besides, tomatoes are fruit, bell peppers are a fruit, and we don’t debate those!)

What would your ideal Pete shirt look like?

Like Pete, I really enjoy running, so I would love to see an athletic shirt (sweat-proof material) in “River Blue” that simply has Pete’s bridge logo on the front.

Have you had the chance to go to a Pete event? Can you tell us about that experience?

Yes! I went to his appearance in DC at City Winery in early April. It was a very quick one; obviously there are a lot of places to go and people to see in DC when you’re a politician. But Chasten opened the floor for him and then Pete spoke right from his heart like he always does. I got to meet a handful of other people running 4Pete accounts, and went with a friend from college. So a great social atmosphere; everyone wanted to talk about his book, or the CNN Town Hall, or what they’re doing to support the PFA team. It was special to see Pete relatively early in the process, and just about 10 feet from where I stood. Excited to see him again in Alexandria in mid-June!

What do you do when social media gets to be too much? How do you handle the trolls?

I have to be honest that venting does occur; you need to let out the steam. But in private channels like texting. The great thing about this group is that you can air frustration, people understand and laugh, and then you’re right back to being positive. No one lingers on any bashing, and we’re all ready to put our best foot forward.

What does “Be Like Pete” mean to you?

There’s the obvious that Pete is positive and optimistic, so “Being Like Pete” means being a friend to all. But what I hope to also embody when I use that phrase is a kind of curiosity. Pete knows what he doesn’t know, and constantly wants to listen to other people, learn from their experiences, and use that to better his ideas.



  • Twitter

  • Facebook Page

  • Facebook Group

  • Instagram (I don’t run this, but hopefully Virginians see it and feel compelled to share their pictures of wearing swag, reading his book, going to Pete Ups, or seeing the PFA team at events)

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Pete for America's 'Rules of the Road'

The campaign released an inspiring set of guidelines that they follow and encourage their stans & supporters to follow as well. The 10 values that Pete wants to shape his campaign are: respect, belonging, truth, teamwork, boldness, responsibility, substance, discipline, excellence, and joy.

For the full mission statement, read more here and sign your name if you agree to create a more respectful, engaging, and FUN politics.

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