About Pete Pals

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Hiya, pal!

Pete Pals is on a mission to spread the word about Pete Buttigieg!

We’re not involved in politics, and are not endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Pete Buttigieg or his presidential campaign.

We’re just a couple of Dem dorks trying make ourselves useful.



Pete Pals FAQ

Is this website part of Pete's official presidential campaign?
No. We are just big fans of Pete and are not endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Pete Buttigieg or his presidential campaign.

Where does Pete stand on ... issue?
Because we don't wish to speak for Pete on any of his policies, we invite you to explore the issues on the Issues page, which was copied directly from PeteForAmerica.com, or watch the videos on our Videos page, wherein he explains his positions on many of today's important issues.

What will the money spent here be used for?
Our mission is to get the word out about Pete, so any revenue brought in beyond the cost of goods will be spent on that purpose. We conduct a monthly sticker giveaway to folks who donate to Pete, and try to support other Pete Pals around the country in their organizing endeavors when possible. Any link labeled "Donate to Pete" on this site directs you to the donation page for his actual presidential campaign, and does not reach us in any way. We are not currently accepting donations for Pete Pals.

How long will it take to receive my order?
All stickers and buttons are shipped within a week, and should take no longer than 5 days to get to you, anywhere in the States. T-shirts, hats and totes are printed on demand and will ship in 2-7 business days, meaning you should get your order in about 7-10 days.

Are these products made in the USA and union printed?
All products offered here are made and printed in the USA. Because we aren't currently funded enough to build inventory and hold stock, the printing is outsourced to a print-on-demand company, which is not union. Some of our stickers are union printed, and will be marked as such in the item description.

What is your return policy?
Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 2 weeks after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 3 weeks after the estimated delivery date. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns simply because you didn't love the look/fit of an item. If that's the case, please give it away so someone else can help spread the word!

How can I help get the word out about Pete?
First, you can donate to Pete's campaign so that he can continue to reach more voters as the first Democratic primary debates near. Next, tell a pal or two (or your entire circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances) about what Pete is doing and his vision for the future of our country. If you want to get involved with Pete Pals, please contact us with any ideas you may have.


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